N2 Biomedical

N2 Biomedical's Surface Treatments

N2 Biomedical is a leading provider of biotechnology surface engineering services for improving the performance of implantable medical devices. N2 Biomedical offers ion treatments to improve the performance of orthopedic and cardiovascular devices, enhancing such properties as wear resistance, hydrophilicity and lubricity. N2 Biomedical-treated products include orthopedic prostheses, catheters, ENT devices, stents, and other specialty medical devices.

  • IonGuard®
    Wear-resistant surface treatment for Co-Cr and Ti-alloy orthopedic and other devices
  • Spi-Polymer™
    Low friction, hydrophilic surface treatment for medical grade polymers
  • Spi-Spectrum™
    Color treatment for metallic components